marketing strategy …

The success of introducing a new organisation or brand to a market place really depends on strength of a marketing strategy. There are various facets associated with developing a marketing plan with core objective of achieving maximum return on investment and brand/product awareness.

At media4 we support clients with the process of marketing to help the reach their target audience with great impact. A typical marketing plan would include:

Situation analysis – where are we now?
Market trends, competitors, customer information, marketplace SWOT, internal resources and capabilities.

Objectives – what do we want to achieve?
e.g. how many members/users to we want within the first 3 months, how do we want to position ourselves in the market

Strategy – how will we achieve our objectives?
What will our core target market be, how will we position ourselves, how will we segment the market, what will our online value proposition be – what are the benefits of using this site, how is it different or unique? The mix and sequence of communications tools that will be used – the overall balance of the marketing mix.

Tactics – detailed actions for how we’re going to achieve the strategy
Specific details of how the marketing and communications mix will be deployed and when

Actions – the details of who does what and when
An implementation plan showing responsibilities, resources, use of external agencies

How will performance be measured? Analytics and visitor information – no of visitors, return/retention rates, response mechanisms for communications tools, income.

Detailed budget or overall balance of spend and approximate costs for different types of media?


social media management …

Social media has rapidly gathered pace as the means to communicate effectively and efficiently with friends, relatives, colleagues and customers. Through the use of simple interaction tools provided by status updates through social media network sites such as Facebook and Twitter, allow you to share your thought, suggestions and recommendations with like minded individuals.

Employing and embracing the social media opportunities helps to support interaction with your client, customer or followers, allowing you to communicate both customer service and marketing messages for free.

The reach of Social Media Management goes far beyond the likes of just Facebook and Twitter. By entering into the realms of Blog Sites, Book Marks, RSS feeds etc. Each opportunity can reach new prospects. Each opportunity can support link building campaigns.

In terms of Search Engine Optimisation, social media has a profound effect on the giants of the search engine world (Google, Bing, Yahoo). Search providers are constantly developing new ways to introduce ‘real-time’ search results to provide the latest and freshest results to users. Social media integration also plays a pivotal role in the promotion of websites in a process known as Social Media Marketing (SMM). Through the use of clever marketing tactics, link promotion and keyword targeting, social media helps drive traffic to your website.

our service

As part of our service, we can manage all your social media opportunities on a monthly basis. Focusing mainly on the top networks:

  • Twitter
  • (account management, regular updates, custom backgrounds, follower/following management)

  • Facebook Fan Pages
  • (account management, regular updates, custom backgrounds, follower/following management)

  • Blog Sites
  • (account management, blog updates, backlinks)

  • RSS Feeds
  • (RSS feed set up, Website integration, regular updates)

  • Web Site news pages
  • (Web page updates for latest news and press releases)