Worchester Bosch Boilers-Electric vs Combi

Electric boilers
If a gas supply is not available or homeowners simply prefer using electricity, electric boilers – as opposed to the regular gas versions – are available to provide the home with central heating and hot water. Modern electric boilers have revolutionized central heating and the heating of water making them more economical to use.
Electric boilers also have certain advantages over combi boilers and water heating counterparts. There are fewer serviceable parts and need less maintenance. The annual services that worcester bosch boilers (combi)need for efficiency and safety are not required for the electric variety. Electric boiler systems are far easier for plumbers to work with and result in lower repair and servicing costs.
Combi Boiler vs Electric Boiler


On the other hand combi or combination boilers combine properties of water heating and central heating in one unit. They are very cost effective as they heat the water that comes straight from the mains. There is no need to have a cylinder to store hot water. This means that when it is not necessary to run the central heating or to provide hot water, the combi boiler lies dormant which obviously means a great saving on energy cost for the householder.


As combi boilers make no use of warm water cylinder, they also eliminate the need for an expansion tank. The absence of warm water cylinder also saves valuable space in the airing cupboard, providing room for extra storage. The advantage of not wanting a hot water storage cylinder is that you will never run out of hot water when you need it. So when wanting to have a bath you do not have to wait to heat up in the tank as hot water is available almost as soon as you switch on the tap. Combi boilers work on water mains power which means that you will not have a booster fitted for your shower.
Various boiler replacement options are available online. Combination boilers – as opposed to electric boilers – are relatively easy to install. They make a great saving on fuel bills and space that contribute to its popularity amongst property owners.


There is no shortage of options for anyone who seeks to install a boiler. A visit to a showroom or a look at various websites on the internet to get a online quote will confirm that. If you want more information about boiler and boiler systems, emergencyboilerrepair.net might give you a headstart on how to make the wise choice. The ease of installation, reduced need for maintenance and increased energy efficiency need to be considered when making a choice. There are several heating options to consider that will affect your boiler choice, be it electric or combi boiler.


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