Simonton Window Cost Guide Page

This month we did some design work for a client in the window replacement industry. We would like to showcase this page this week as our clean page weekly winner. We love the way this page has been layed out and presented to the user. And you get to have a look at some decent research around the pricing of simonton windows.

What do you know about clean web design and why did you choose the simonton pricing page as the winner?

If you’re still wondering about Simton windows and what is has to do with clean web design is, below are some excellent examples.

To me, a clean design is one that has an uncluttered layout, makes use of plenty of white space, and screams professionalism.

Look at this clean design page for window replacement with Simonton:

simonton window cost

I believe a web site can be clean while making use of minimal colors and design elements. And clean web design is one that has an uncluttered layout, makes use of plenty of white space. Clean web design is an effective way to convey an image of elegance. This type of design in web is all about doing more with less, and making use of plenty of white space to let content and page elements breathe. But it can be difficult to come up with a solid minimal website.

Or look at:


70/SF – Clean and Minimal Web Design

So if you’ve struggled in the past to tackle this type of web design, we’re here to help. Here’s a showcase of 30 Clean Web Designs for Inspiration. If you’re still wondering what clean web design is, below are some amazing examples.

First impression

Each page is a potential landing page. On every page at the site, visitors should want to read and to click around. You’ll make a good first impression with these web site design traits:

  • The design is consistent throughout the site. The first impression is the same wherever site visitors land.
  • Pages look clean, organized, and uncluttered, even with a lot of information on each page. There is a good balance between text, images, and white space.
  • You have no more than three or four colors as part of your basic design.
  • The colors work well together online.
  • The colors and images contribute to the message of the site and don’t detract from it.
  • Blinking or animated text or graphics are avoided or (depending on the audience) used minimally.
  • The page content starts well above the fold.