Conservatory And Sun Rooms, What’s The Difference?

Search the market for conservatory prices quickly

Going out into the market to get prices for a new conservatory can be a daunting prospect. There are lots of providers out there providing a huge array of varying conservatory prices and products

Having to give your information numerous times can be really frustrating. You can spend hours calling and emailing only to find that you end up with nothing very suitable.

This is a waste of your time and you may well end up with a constantly ringing phone with pushy salesmen trying to get you to buy something entirely unsuitable.

Conservatory Or Sun Rooms

Many see these two as the same thing, the truth is they are very similar, and however there are important differences. Both of these constructions are built to let in a good amount of natural light.

For both conservatories and sun rooms to do this, they must use as much glass as possible and use a lot of glass or synthetic alternative.

Both sun rooms and conservatories are often known to be attached to the house and essentially work as a home extension.

Conservatories are usually are used as living areas, a transition into the garden or even a kitchen. On the other hand, sun rooms are known to be used as green rooms where plants and goods can be grown.

Conservatories can be used all year round if there is a suitable heating system in place where a sun room has of course less purposes in the winter.

The main difference between the two is that conservatories come with a pitched roof. However, the main purpose of these two constructions is more or less the same. Sun rooms are used slightly more for gardening uses and conservatories are used for living purposes.

The sunroof is often made fully out of either glass or synthetic alternative to let all light possible in, whereas the conservatory is usually made from brick wall combined with large windows and a glass roof.

The benefits of a conservatory can be used as an extra room to the house and some even use it as a dining area. It ultimately creates additional living space, if you fully furnish it, it will act like just another room.

A conservatory in the winter or in rainy weather can be very cosy, but remember to place heating within the conservatory.

On the other hand, sun rooms are brilliant for those who love and want to experience more of the outdoors without actually going outside which helps when we experience poor weather.

Another factor of the sun room is where those who feel it is too hot or need to protect themselves from the sun’s rays do not want to go outside; the sun room will protect them from it.