Brick Walkways And Other Masonry Building Services

What kind of services do masonry home builders usually offer a home owner?

Masonry adds an element of longevity and stability to projects and a great option for low maintenance high impact designs. Designers and landscapers can use masonry to high light or balance designs, giving a beautiful backdrop or feature to a space.

Custom masonry

This is an expanding area in the masonry field. This is because more unqualified people are starting to install masonry without the full understanding and focusing on only one or a small number of products/looks, such as:


Outdoor stone fireplaces can be used for roasting marshmallows, as a makeshift grill, or as a viable and more pleasing substitute for outdoor patio heaters. A fireplace also provides an atmosphere that can’t be created any other way. Just as the sound of running water is soothing, a crackling fire has no replacement.


Patios are a great way to extend your living area. They offer a place to keep an eye on the kids while they are running in the yard as well as an elegant entertainment area for friends and family. The Landscaping team will help you in choosing the patio that fits your needs, desire, and budget.


Stone and brick walkways are a beautiful accent for any landscape. Not only do they provide elegance, but also functionality; keeping foot traffic on the “right path”. Add accent lighting do your walkway for a safe night time stroll. Get in touch with a local Landscaping company for a walkway evaluation.


Landscape beds benefit from landscape edging. In addition to creating a well-defined border on a flower bed, edging helps prevent the spread of stoloniferous grasses into the bed area. Stone edging has a great benefit in that it does not have to be re-cut or re-done year after year. It is a more permanent solution to your landscape edging problems.

Custom Home Building

Some companies build houses, others build homes. Good companies excel in making sure the details are taken care of, so that your home is exactly what you want. Visit a masonry website and see how they can help build your dream.

Natural stone

Masonry using natural stone adds character and beauty to your project. With many options and styles to choose from, you can create the look and feel you want. You should focus on installation and workmanship, as it provides long lasting and beautiful solutions.

Construction management

Full service construction management. From small renos to full house construction that can help manage the trades and run the jobs.

Heritage Masonry

Restore your building using the materials and that will blend your repairs or addition seamlessly. From repointing to stone replacement we have the knowledge to respect the heritage integrity of your structure.

Masonry repairs

Masonry repairs encompasses when a masonry structure needs repairs to the stone, brick or cement. Typically repairs are commonly needed in areas that see high water, traffic or chemicals (including salts).