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When you’re considering a stairlift an experienced advisor will visit your home to go through the various stairlift options and compare stairlift prices. They’ll be able to determine which lifts fits best in your staircase according to your needs and your desires.

By choosing a stair lift you’re not just making a choice to remove the barriers caused by stairs you’re also choosing to live a safe and independent life in the comfort and privacy of your own home for as long as you wish.

The flow to stair lift is one of the most flexible and innovative stair lifts on the market today whether your stairs are small straight curved or bridging several stories the flow to can cross all barriers and will blend wonderfully with your home and lifestyle.

Not all staircases are the same so each stair lift is custom-made the advisor will use a unique measurement tool that captures the staircase data to create an exact drawing of the stair lift.

Each staircase is precisely measured so that the root of the stair lift rail perfectly fits the curve of the stairs the factory will use the measurement data to create a custom built rail ensuring a perfect fit the installation is carried out by certified and experienced professionals.

The neaten unobtrusive single rail will fit perfectly on either the inside or the outside of the stair case. The lift can be installed without any need for modifications to the staircase even the handrail can be kept unaltered. The entire installation process is carried out in a straightforward and professional manner and takes just a few hours.

After the installation the technician will take as much time as you need to explain in detail how the stair lift works you undoubtedly be surprised by how user-friendly it is the seat belt and foldable curved arm rests give a sense of added security while the innovative and easy-to-use joystick allows a smooth operation of the lift keeping you in control at all times.

The seat can be adjusted to your height to ensure that you sit in the most ergonomic seating position possible reducing any unnecessary strain on your joints. If the flow too encounters any obstructions while traveling it will come to an immediate stop the motor is battery-operated to guarantee you a safe trip at all times even in the event of a power cut the flow to stair lifts is unique in the market thanks to its patented swivel and leveling technology.

This allows the lift to adjust its position throughout the ride keeping you comfortable and safe at all times even if your stairs are steep or narrow the lift has been designed so that when you arrive at the end of the stairs you can step off with ease and comfort .

When not in use the flow to folds neatly and easily away taking up very little space and keeping the staircase free for other users. Thanks to the flow to you’ll be able to go up the stairs in safety to enjoy every room in your house no matter which floor it’s on. Enjoy true quality of life remove the barriers of your stairs with the flow 2 stair lift and continue to live independently in the happiness of your home for as long as you wish.